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Sweet Weekend, Continued


September 2, 2013, Washington, DC: It’s morning and I’m lounging in our coffee chair. The newspaper is strewn across the apartment’s back room. Through open windows, the noises of the neighborhood trickle in: the voices of early risers who share our alley, Duran Duran’s Rio playing on a nearby radio, a neighbor’s alarm clock sounding next door. The sounds of the morning are audible but not bothersome, subtle rather than overpowering. The city is beginning to hum again after a quiet summer with the windows shut. Softly and slowly, we are tuning back in to the beauty of the everyday.

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Portrait of Home: Sunday Morning

September 2, 2012, Washington, DC: Sunday morning. Labor day weekend. Time to put our feet up and finish a book, buy fresh tomatoes and greens around the corner at Eastern Market, get the bike repaired, go for a run on a still too humid September morning. This is what home looks like these days, morning light streaming in through the living room windows even on a greyscale day. Uneventful in the best possible way. We’re nearly done with summer, not quite ready for fall.

What does your home look like this long weekend? Share your thoughts and a portrait of home.


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