The Summer of the Shared Bicycle

bikeshare dcAugust 10, 2013, Washington, DC: I am a saner person on a bicycle. There are strong arguments to be made for bicycling as a money saver, a time saver and a healthy choice, but the bottom line is that my blood boils less when I’m biking rather than driving and I actually enjoy getting from Point A to Point B. This summer more than ever before, it’s apparent there are a lot of us out there.

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A City Goes Out For Recess

Potomac River, Georgetown, Washington, DC, August 2012

August 18, 2012, Washington, DC: The river was remarkably quiet Friday given the stunning weather. The beach volleyball courts between the Lincoln Memorial and the Kennedy Center were empty, the splash park in Georgetown enjoyed by only a happy few. The bike trail west along the canal was green and shaded and breezy, noticeably absent the usual hollers from cyclists announcing their presence. No one was in the way.

It is recess in the city and not many people stick around to play.

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Today’s Pit Stops

May 18, 2012, Washington, DC: We’ve got a few pit stops to make today and stopping by to applaud Bike to Work Day is only the first. Next up, we’ve got a stop at the Metro station and another at the airport, a hiatus up in the air and a trip out to Long Island. We’ll stop by the rental car counter and set out for a drive on roads we’ve never navigated before arriving for a wedding in a town we’ve never seen.

But first we stop one hundred yards from the front door at one of 58 pit stops throughout DC, Virginia and Maryland set up this morning to help riders navigate Bike to Work Day.

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Neighborhood Nomad: Anita of Ottawa

Photo credit: TravelDestinationBucketList

This is one in a series of reader interviews about the places and spaces people call home. Would you like to participate? Click here for more information about contributing to Neighborhood Nomad.

March 9, 2012, Washington, DC: Why leave behind the beaches of Australia for a life back in Ottawa? Anita Mac has plenty of reasons. Anita blogs about her explorations both at home in Canada and along the road, and she agreed to give us insight into what makes Ottawa a great place to live.

Read more from Anita after the jump.

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Observations By Bicycle

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.”
-Ernest Hemingway

January 29, 2012, Washington, DC: Traveling by bicycle affords me the opportunity to see places I’d never see in the car or on foot. The allure of the bicycle comes not only from the pace of the exercise and the access to fresh air, but from the observations about this cityscape I collect along the way. Mustering up the motivation to go for a run sometimes requires a pep talk, but a trip by bicycle requires no such coaxing. On a bicycle cruising west down C Street into another part of town, I don’t need to force myself to enjoy the experience as it is happening. On two wheels, I live fully in the present moment, in part because riding a bicycle requires strict attention to detail. It is the optimal mode of transport for the observer within.

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Hometowns For Athletes

October 25, 2011, Washington, DC: Our hometowns can act as our coaches and our training partners, our biggest competitors and our loudest cheerleaders. Before the daylight fades, before the water gets too cold, before we sink deeper into the couch for a reality show, great places egg us on. We hear them speak to us, inspire us, nag us, really. “Get up,” they say. “Get out. It’s too good of a day in too good of a place not to be an athlete.”

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Our Biking Revolution (Happy Birthday Dear Bikeshare!)

September 20, 2011, Washington, DC: Do you hear that? The sound of bicycle pedals revolving? A revolution is indeed underway. It’s getting cooler and cooler to walk around town with a helmet strapped to your purse.

Of all places, I’m proud to say that Washington, so often seen as behind the eight ball, is in part to credit for this growing movement. There’s a shift happening here. Positive urban change is in the works. And to celebrate, I’m going to a birthday party Thursday for a new and very dear friend. Happy birthday (officially today!) dear Bikeshare and congratulations on marking your 1st birthday with your one millionth ride!

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