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Map of Mornings: Springtime on the Grounds of UVA

University of Virginia, April 2012, Photo Credit: Kate Gallery

This is one in a series of morning photo essays documenting neighborhoods around town.

April 15, 2012, Washington, DC: I took a long walk with friends yesterday morning across the grounds of UVA, beyond the Charlottesville they know as adults and back into the Charlottesville they knew as students. The University of Virginia in springtime is not to be missed at any age.

Adult Life in a College Town: Charlottesville, Virginia

Downtown Mall, Charlottesville, Va., April 2012

April 14, 2012, Washington, DC: I never lived in a college town, even in college. For all the perks of big cities, one of the downsides is that they mask the richness of university life that exists there. University lectures and special events and sports can take second fiddle to the countless options available in the wider city. Life in a college town, manageable in size and absent the distractions of a major metropolis, was something I never experienced.

But I’ve long imagined what great places these towns can make for people of all ages — not only for young twenty-somethings but for professors and children and adults living nearby. I imagine that the intellectual curiosity of a school would seep into the culture of the place, that energized students would keep a community young.

I returned to Charlottesville this weekend — one of my many trips there over the years — to explore the realities of adult life in a college town.


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