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Miles from Monday: Someplace to Float

north beach, md, summer 2013July 15, 2013, Washington, DC: A sandy beach is all we’re after. Nothing fancy, just someplace to float outside the city on a slow, hot Saturday. Somewhere that doesn’t require an overnight trip or Friday night traffic on the Bay Bridge or driving 115 miles to the nearest stretch of Atlantic coast. We’re looking for someplace where the water is wider than our urban rivers and we can vacation for the day, but be home by dark.

Our search brings us to Maryland’s western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, to a pair of old summer resort towns just 31 miles from the front door.

Views from Sasco Beach

“It binds us and forms our lives in ways that we do not entirely understand, and yet we are unconciously dependent upon. The places you love will do that to you.”
-David Halberstam

November 27, 2011, Southport, CT: Today we biked up Harbor Road and down Sasco Hill, heading for sand and a glimpse of Southport from the far side of the harbor. Sailors were still on the water and a kayaker paddled off Sasco Beach. From the narrow point of land where the Mill River empties into Long Island Sound, the view was crystal clear, as was the understanding that this place is a vacation. It’s a vacation with a far more personal touch.

More photos from Sasco Beach and our free day in Southport after the jump…


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