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Neighborhood Nomads is a celebration of the places we belong. It is a collection of stories, images and observations about the strength of our homes, neighborhoods, cities and landscapes. The intent of this site is to encourage us to rediscover beauty in the places we know best, to experience the everyday with fresh eyes, to travel our hometowns as a tourist would, and to celebrate the places and spaces, near and far, that make us feel like we belong.

Neighborhood Nomads is a testament to the power of physical places in a virtual world and a reminder that we don’t need to go far to find the places that shape us most profoundly.

We invite you to explore the site and find inspiration:

  • EXPLORE THE LANDSCAPE to celebrate the outdoors, whether biking through town, taking a weekend road trip, or camping on a nearby beach.
  • EXPLORE THE CITY to reflect on urban living, the pulse of the world’s hubs, and the beauty of city life.
  • EXPLORE THE NEIGHBORHOOD to slow down and savor the core unit of our communities. Observe the everyday in coffee shops and corner stores. Meet artists and writers who live around the corner.
  • EXPLORE THE HOME to consider how the spaces we inhabit provide insight into our identities and families.

And don’t miss our INTERVIEWS WITH NOMADS, a series of conversations with people who love where they live and work. Learn about the geography that has influenced them and given them a true sense of belonging.

If you’d like to be featured as a neighborhood nomad, fill out our online form and share your story.

How It Started

In June 2011, I made a commitment to spend one year returning to each of my many hometowns to learn more about the places I’d lived. With ample vacation days, multiple frequent flyer tickets, many tanks of gas and several bicycles, I covered extensive ground in twelve months, studying great neighborhoods — my great neighborhoods — in Montreal, St. Louis, Toronto, Arlington, Va., Baltimore, Md., Stamford, Ct., New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Annapolis, Md., Southport, Ct., and Washington, DC. I examined what makes a place a joy to call home. I took note of factors such as architecture and design, transportation and access. Often, I just watched my neighbors go about their days, observing the pulse of the streets and the character of these beautiful places. I completed the year-long effort, documented on The Original Project section of this site, confident that everywhere I went felt a bit like home. In their own ways, all of these places gave me a sense of belonging.

About the Author

Kate Barrett Gallery is a journalist and traveler who lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Her experience includes work as a news writer at KRON-4 television in San Francisco, a web producer at ABC News in Washington, a reporter on Capitol Hill, and a summer backpacking guide in Canada, France and Spain. Kate received a journalism degree at Northwestern’s Medill School in Evanston, Ill. and a degree in history-sociology from Columbia University in New York City. 
Kate has lived in 28 houses or apartments in a dozen cities and towns. She has always been a neighborhood nomad.

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