Two Nomadic Years

June 18, 2013, Washington, DC: Neighborhood Nomads turned two years old on Sunday! In true nomad fashion, we spent the big day on the move, returning home from a weekend road trip and thinking what a blurry and beautiful time this has been. Thank you for reading and conversing, and for celebrating the power of place here. It’s been such fun carving out this space to create. Two years in and this growing collection of observations about our homes and neighborhoods continues to become more interesting thanks to your contributions, and I’m confident year three in this virtual gathering place of ours will further entice us to travel our hometowns and appreciate the everyday.

A plan to travel my hometowns was how this whole thing started, after all. In the first year of the project, I returned to nearly all of them, recording my stories about traveling back home along the way. And yet my itinerary for the blog’s second year, at least geographically speaking, was far less ambitious. Here’s where I confess that in year two of Neighborhood Nomads I did not collect one stamp in my passport nor did I visit a single state to which I’d never been.

But I feel like I traveled constantly, and maybe that’s the point. We can slip into traveler mode daily, close to home and throughout the neighborhood. We can seek out new towns or parts of the city and observe their foreign rhythms. We can learn about new places all the time in speaking with people who love where they live. Nineteen thoughtful people have introduced me to the places they know best since last June and those interviews and walking tours with fellow neighborhood nomads remain my favorite part of the site. Please do read their stories and consider sharing your own. Tell us what it’s like to slow down and travel your hometown. Nomads everywhere would love to hear about it.

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3 thoughts on “Two Nomadic Years

  1. happy birthday neighborhood nomads! I traveled my new hometown, brooklyn, in a different way this weekend and it was a blast! I picked up my new bike and hit up a few areas in BK that are sometimes too hard and far for me to get to via foot and I hope it sets the pace for the summer. My friend and I have deemed it “summer of wheels” and we want to bike and skateboard all over brooklyn. you should come visit!


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