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April 17, 2013: Hello, NoMad! This place so deserves a shout out here on Neighborhood Nomads — not only for its name, but for that picturesque ivy that creeps around a streetscape otherwise full of cement and for the two bicycles on their kickstands in the lobby parked on those oh-so-New York City tile floors. Not to mention it’s not just the hotel, but the entire neighborhood that’s called NoMad, named for the area north of Madison Square Park. How perfect is that? Husband and I picked up some coffee and walked north up Broadway to NoMad Saturday morning, circling back through the Shake Shack in the park. How could we not? An entire neighborhood called NoMad just feels like the right place to wander.

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  • Hi Kate,

    Have to say this —a disappointing post considering choices to talk about travel (biking), and neighborhoods (the Back Bay) in the wake of the Boston Massacre. It ain’t hearts and flowers, but it’s real– maybe too real?

    yrs, Dan

    • Thanks for your comment, Dan. Was wondering whether someone would say this. There’s a lot to say about our neighborhoods and our cities after such tragic events — and I might say some of it, might not, still formulating my thoughts. Also reminding myself that the immediate ‘must blog about it’ reaction isn’t always necessary. Decided to go ahead with an short and simple post today to get moving again.