Map of Mornings: Historic Annapolis

April 20, 2012, Annapolis, MD: I arrived early this morning in Annapolis, my former hometown and current work place. I drove down our old street and paid a visit to the waterfront park two blocks away, where water taxi service used to deposit us home. It was quiet out there this morning as usual. A few dogs and their owners were beginning their day.

I headed down to City Dock for a cup of coffee in the bookstore/cafe called Hard Bean. Historic taverns down the block were not yet stirring. Across the street, educators with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation were already at work on the Stanley Norman. The sunlight had broken through a dense early morning fog with enough strength to illuminate my favorite old mural in town.

Still no action at Market House. For a short time when we lived here, a couple of vendors operated inside but the place was always half empty. Every time I pass by Market House, I imagine all the activity that could center here. This place could be humming in the heart of town at the water’s edge.

Annapolis is not quiet for long, of course. It is Friday morning and residents are gearing up for spring, and soon enough summer, in this gorgeous harbor town. Enormous boats are packed in surrounding the yacht club. Traffic increases steadily as the school day begins. Annapolis is on the brink of its prime season and this place is ready for a festive weekend.

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  • Kate, This post makes me nostalgic for the boat trips we used to make to Annapolis as a kid. Love the photos! I’m sad to here Market Place isn’t operating as it used to. We couldn’t help but smell the fresh fish when we pulled up to the dock on our visits! Though it was stinky, it always was such a big part of our trips to Annapolis.

  • Kate, this is a fascinating blog – one in which you can get LOST exploring! Love your stories of Annapolis, especially Eastport (a neighborhood that we first called home when we moved to Annapolis from Miami). Now we are in a more densely green area of Pendennis Mount on the Broadneck Pennisula of Annapolis. In Easport we would wake up to the spirit of the day (people walking dogs, working on their boats, getting coffee), now we wake up to the hush of the trees, the songs of the birds and the whoosh of cyclists speeding by on their morning ride. Thanks for sharing your photos and personal adventures! Leslie Gruskin (hometowns in Fairfield, CT – Palm Beach, FL – Coral Gables, FL – Annapolis, MD)

    • Thanks for reading, Leslie! Wonderful to hear how your Annapolis neighborhoods compare. I always love your stories of world travel and it’s equally exciting to learn about your observations closer to home.