Snapshots of Westmount

Westmount, Quebec, December 2011December 30, 2011, Montreal: This is Westmount, technically its own city on the island of Montreal. According to my criteria, it’s a great place to live: It is walkable, it is lovable, it is cultural, it is social, and it is just a couple minutes walk from the heart of downtown Montreal. In 2002, Westmount was forced to become part of the city of Montreal. In 2004, Westmount and 14 other nearby areas voted to “demerge”, officially regaining independence again in 2006. Since then, changes in the island’s tax structure have kept this area intricately tied to the city of Montreal despite its official status as a separate place. Maybe this is where I got my independent streak.

Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

This is my first apartment building, the one my parents lived in when I was born. What a location. Directly across the street is the elementary school and Westmount Park, as well as a public pool, a tennis court, an indoor skating rink, and a library. Around the corner, gorgeous stone rowhomes line streets like Metcalfe. Up the hill, enormous houses of Upper Westmount overlook the city.

It’s still, strikingly, a great neighborhood in which to raise a family. It’s safe, simple, and in our case certainly evokes a sense of nostalgia. And yet it’s right here neighboring the city of Montreal, the largest French-speaking city outside of France. Westmount is an English enclave and yet one in which French and English-speaking children mix languages on the playground. It’s a place where my family made fast friends with others in the neighborhood, where there was a strong sense of community. It’s a place that set a high bar for the many hometowns that would follow.

Sledding, Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

The school across the street (look familiar?)

Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

The view of our old street from Westmount Park, December 2011

Westmount Library, Quebec, December 2011

Westmount Library, December 2011

Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

De Maisonneuve and Melville, the corner nearest to home

Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

Rowhomes of Westmount, December 2011

Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

Upper Westmount, December 2011

Greene Ave. Westmount, Quebec, December 2011

The view of Upper Westmount from Greene Ave., December 2011

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  5. Hello,

    I, too, grew up on Melville Ave. in Westmount. The difference is I still live on the street! I recall your family as I believe your brother, Casey, was a childhood friend of one of my nephews, either Rory or Jonathan Stubbs. I came upon your blog while searching for photos of Westmount Park for my own blog. Here is a post about the softball field across from where you lived.

    Take care,

    Deegan Stubbs

    • Deegan, What a small world! We remember your family well from our time in Montreal. Thanks so much for getting in touch and for sharing your blog… I look forward to reading much more of DCMontreal.

    • How funny, I was just reminiscing and searching photos of Westmount from the 70’s and 80’s and came upon this site. I use to babysit Rory and Johnathan when they were very little. I live on de Maisonneuve between Metcalfe and Melville. My niece and nephew who were about the same ages as Johnathan lived in the apartment at 4500 de Maisonneuve.

      • Hi Lisa,

        I remember living in the building with your niece and nephew and their parents Gilles and Rhea.

        Good to hear from you.

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