The Trick or Treat Test

October 31, 2011, Washington, DC: Maybe it’s actually quite simple. Maybe you can size up a neighborhood with a high degree of accuracy just by observing what happens there on Halloween.

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A Map & A Marathon

October 30, 2011, Washington, DC: I love maps, as you can probably imagine. This morning, we discovered an incredible one that allowed us to track our friend as he ran throughout the city on this cold October morning of the Marine Corps Marathon. By looking up his name and entering his bib number, we saw a little blue man, a friend, running along the race route throughout our city and northern Virginia, as far south as Rosslyn, as far west as the reservoir beyond Georgetown. When he rounded the Capitol Reflecting Pool between miles 18 and 19, we were there waiting, clutching hot coffee, cheering him on.

See more photos after the jump from the Marine Corps Marathon this morning in Washington, DC.

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Good Morning, Doorman

October 30, 2011, Washington, DC: Woodley Park and Adams Morgan are next door neighbors separated only by the Duke Ellington bridge that stretches over Rock Creek Park below. The neighborhoods have different personalities, for sure, but in some ways they’re cut from the same cloth of northwest Washington. Still, in January 2008, a move from one to the other was just what I needed.

After a string of bad luck, I moved into a building with a doorman.

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Baltimore’s Federal Hill: Views at Dusk

October 28, 2011, Washington, DC: Earlier this week, I climbed Federal Hill to watch dusk fall over Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. My return to Baltimore that day had been lackluster at best, but as night fell downtown and the city started to sparkle, I recalled the many good things about living here from 1984-1991. Only in retrospect do I understand that I lived in Baltimore at a unique time in the midst of a notable urban renewal.

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Hometowns For Athletes

October 25, 2011, Washington, DC: Our hometowns can act as our coaches and our training partners, our biggest competitors and our loudest cheerleaders. Before the daylight fades, before the water gets too cold, before we sink deeper into the couch for a reality show, great places egg us on. We hear them speak to us, inspire us, nag us, really. “Get up,” they say. “Get out. It’s too good of a day in too good of a place not to be an athlete.”

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Map of Mornings: Dupont Circle

This is one in a series of morning photo essays documenting neighborhoods around town. 

October 24, 2011, Washington, DC: Saturday morning was a gray morning in Dupont Circle, one of those times everything looks a bit worse for the wear. But if you want color and character in Dupont, there are a few places to begin.

My list of bright spots begins with my friend’s old apartment here, the one I subletted in the summer of 2005 while looking for a place of my own. It was a perfectly cramped little apartment and a perfect perch from which to get out and get to know the city. Its most unusual feature was a floor-to-ceiling map of the world in the building’s dimly lit lobby. The highlight was a disproportionately large deck out back that doubled the apartment’s living space.

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A Washington Reflection

October 22, 2011, Washington, DC: I set out early this morning on a big red beach cruiser ready to document one of my former Washington neighborhoods. It was the first morning in months my bike brakes were cold to the touch, and a stark line of clouds dramatically divided our city, slicing it precisely down its east and west sides. To be honest, the day grew grayer and more bland as time went by, and I’m still considering how to inject some punch into my photo essay of Dupont Circle. For now, I share the highlight of the morning — a photo snapped from the east side of the Capitol Building, five minutes into my long morning ride.