Prime Places For A Cold Drink

July 22, 2011, Washington, DC: Nomads feel most at home in cities for good reasons. Chief among them, those born with an inkling for exploration and movement repeatedly discover there are far more options in cities than suburbs. We have choices, and those choices are hugely important to us. But even explorers have trouble getting out to exercise the power of choice on sweltering days like today. One hundred and fifteen degree heat slows us down. It puts a damper on our adventures. It makes us lethargic. Lucky for us, our previous explorations have paid off: We know the perfect places for a cold beverage.

What are your hometown haunts for an ice cold drink? These spots below quench my thirst for a very cold beverage and they also quench my thirst for neighborhood connections.

The place: Coffee Bean, Fillmore St., Pacific Heights, San Francisco
The drink: Iced Blended, half mocha, half vanilla

The place: Biergarten Haus, H St. NE, Washington, DC
The drink: Paulaner Hefeweizen

The place: Dairy Queen, Summer St., Stamford, Ct.
The drink: Root beer float

The place: Roofdeck at Perry’s, Adams Morgan, Washington, DC
The drink: Pinot grigio

The place: Piano Bar, Downtown Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The drink: VB beer

The place: A front stoop, Anywhere
The drink: Ice cold lemonade

Author: Neighborhood Nomad

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  • Kate – I am loving your blog. Makes me feel like I’m somehow missing out on the simple pleasures that I experience every day. Thanks for reminding me of all the things to be happy about!